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    an integrated provider of event solutions & services for cities_yabo亞博,亞博yabovip88網頁進入,亞博yabo網頁登錄

    GL events is an integrated Group covering all event-related professions, its core business consists of 3 segments: LIVE, EXHIBTIONS, VENUES. As a top-tier provider of integrated solutions and services for events, GL events is occupying a leading position in the 3 main events markets:
    • Fairs / exhibitions aimed at trade professionals or the general public,
    • Cultural, sporting, political, institutional and corporate events,
    • Conventions, conferences and congresses.
    Based on the philosophy of building first-class MICE destinations, for every single customer served by GL events, with our expertise and passion, we always ensure the delivery of high-quality events in an efficient way, no matter you are a company, an institution, an event organizer or a local governmental authority, to maximize relevant benefits and bring an impetus to level up competitiveness.

    3 STRATEGIC BUSINESSES DIVISIONS_yabo亞博,亞博yabovip88網頁進入,亞博yabo網頁登錄



    GL events (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Room 2201, Cloud Nine Plaza
    No. 1118 West Yan'an Road
    Shanghai, China 200052
    Tel: +86 21 5255 8288
    Fax: +86 21 5255 8299

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